Monday, April 16, 2007

Obession is over

Well, I've already moved on. [sigh]. Now I'm re-playing Knights of the Old Republic on my Xbox, will probably play Jade Empire after that, and have otherwise been consumed by other short term obsessions. For instance, I just reread all six Harry Potter books so I can feel prepared for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows--the final book--which is due out this summer.

I continue to work on my campaign, although I'm not running it at the moment, nor do I envision that I will be in the near future, sadly. But I'm having fun tinkering with it anyway, because that's what I have fun doing. I started up a website where I can put stuff about it right here although currently it only has a very bare bones approach, and only covers a few roleplaying games mechanics instead of any actual setting details.

My plan is to expand that first by giving more in depth mechanics information, and then once the mechanics are out of the way, really getting hard and heavy into some details about the setting itself. It'll probably grow organically, rather than in a systemic manner, so don't be surprised if the organization of the website is pretty unpredictable and chaotic.